United States of Football

Ohio State University coach, Urban Meyer suspended for three games for mishandling abuse allegations against former assistant coach, Zack Smith


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Bobby Feaster, Writer

Welcome to the United States of Football! The land where winning football games matters more than domestic violence abusers. The latest domestic violence incident in sports happened in Columbus at the Ohio State University, and with this incident came the exposing of Urban Meyer. As many sports fans know, Meyer has been a highly successful college football coach, but now people know exactly what he is about and that is strictly winning football games.

Meyer is a fraud and he has continued to show that time and time again. It only takes a quick google search of Meyer’s history to see that he does not care what kind of man you are, despite the fact that he preaches being good men above all else. During his tenure at the University of Florida, he had upwards of 20 players get arrested for crimes and I’m not even counting the players who were arrested for underage drinking or possession. Ohio State University has clearly shown where their loyalties lie.

It’s embarrassing that an institute of higher education, promoting equality for all, conducted an investigation of a coach who lied about retaining a known domestic violence abuser, and their final decision was a three game suspension. Not to mention the fact that two of the first three games are essentially warm up games for the great Ohio State football machine. This is the same institution that fired their previous legendary coach, Jim Tressel, for the infamous tattoo for team apparel scandal. For Ohio State back then, that was crossing the line and they could not stand for that type of behavior. But fast forward to today and the issue of keeping a known domestic violence abuser and lying about it only equals a three game suspension. The actions of Meyer and the university are despicable. Worst of all, the Buckeye faithful immediately came to Meyer’s defense and now they will do their best to bury this scandal as long as Meyer keeps winning games.

Remember that a man on Meyer’s staff, Greg Schiano, was kept out of a head coaching job by the University of Tennessee fans because of Schiano’s knowledge of the Sandusky scandal at Penn State. While that action by University of Tennessee fans was admirable, it is largely accepted that the fans of Tennessee were expecting Jon Gruden as their coach and Schiano was a letdown.

I am willing to go out on a limb and say that this event will not prevent Meyer from getting another job in the future, and I’m sure he’ll be more than willing to bring back the domestic violence abusing coach because Meyer wins football games. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, but knowing about the crime and blatantly lying about it makes you a scumbag human.

Interestingly enough, everyone’s favorite organization, the NCAA, has remained oddly silent during this Ohio State incident. The NCAA has no problem sticking their nose in everyone’s business no matter what the case, but in this instance I haven’t seen them do or say a single thing regarding Meyer and Ohio State’s handling of this situation. And in all honesty, the NCAA should keep their nose out of this situation because it is arguably an Ohio State issue. But that same argument could be made for many other scandals in the past where the NCAA was more than happy to involve themselves and hand out sanctions.

Sadly, the world of sports is riddled with domestic violence scandals and the punishment is never enough. What’s even worse is that usually if the player or coach or staff member is a valuable member that person serves their short suspension, the news cycle changes over and that individual gets to move on with little to no pushback from their alleged or proven crimes. I hope that we as young people will be able to stop these terrible domestic violence incidents and also hold the people responsible who commit these heinous acts.