DS View: Opportunities

KNOWING For students looking for events on campus, finding them is half the challenge.


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For college students, it’s all too easy to hole yourself up in a darkened dorm room with bags of processed food, a couple of 12-packs of Redbull and “Arrested Development” on Netflix.


This campus — the beautiful, wonderful, cold, breezy UND campus — is home to so much more than a smelly creek and the occasional deer. There is so much to see and do and experience and love. There is a near endless supply of clubs, activities, presenters and seminars

Take advantage of them.

Thursday night, the Memorial Union Ballroom hosted an Indian cultural night. There was food, information about the culture and a phenomenal opportunity to expand your horizons. Throughout Wednesday and Thursday, historian Philip Deloria presented on a variety of relevant historical topics, giving those who attended an opportunity to better understand the world around them.

How many actually made the most out of these experiences?

Our guess is far too few.

We, the Dakota Student editorial board, believe there is a wealth of events and programs on this campus that students should be taking advantage of.

College is a time when students should be exploring everything — opportunities in all directions, new experiences, fresh concepts, unique ideas. College is time when it’s OK to not know what you believe and when you are at your liberty to learn as much about everything as you can. It is one of the few periods in an individual’s life when they are actually encouraged to ask questions about why things are the way things are. University hosted and sponsored events are one of the easiest and best ways to do that.

However, we also believe that far too few students know such events are happening.

College students are busy. We’re crazy busy. Some barely have time to turn on the TV or take a long, relaxing shower. We don’t have time to spend on looking for events to go to, we barely have enough time to spend on all of our homework.

Students need to have events and information easily accessible for them in order for us to get the most out of this time at UND. Everyday, we are bombarded with emails filled with hundreds and hundreds of words that we’re supposed to find time to read as we run from class to work to social obligations. For many, the easiest way to deal with the endless stream of digital mail is to simply hit delete.

Oh sure, there are flyers in various education buildings and the basement of the Memorial Union is basically one large want ad, but the flyers have become little more than blimps on the peripherals of students hustling from one place to another.

Reaching students isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

And we guarantee, that putting the next season of Arrested Development on hold for a few hours to experience something real, right here on campus, will definitely be worth it.