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The Truth about cheating

Megan Vogt, Opinions Editor

January 15, 2019

Across the country there are many college students. From students who attend community and technical colleges, students who attend four year undergraduate universities and those in graduate schools, med school and law schools. There are a lot of students out there getting degrees and taking a lot of cla...

Rethinking the college experience

UND students study in recently renovated spaces on the second floor of the Chester Fritz Library.

Aimee Coons, Staff Writer

November 19, 2017

The fall semester is ending at a rapid pace. Students are scrambling to finish papers, complete projects and attempting to start studying for their finals. As I sit trying to organize my week, my to do lists for homework is growing at a baffling rate. I am a senior this year, and will graduating (hopefully) in t...

Lyft vs. Uber

Lyft recently began service in Grand Forks, offering stiff competition to Uber and many local cab companies.

Jacob Notermann, Staff Writer

October 29, 2017

Despite Uber’s overall popularity in the ride-sharing industry, students tend to give higher praise to their Grand Forks competitor, Lyft. In a Dakota Student article last Wednesday, much of the article focused on Uber’s relationship with UND. After reaching out on Facebook as to which platform...

Student woes with Uber

Student woes with Uber

Jacob Notermann, Staff Writer

October 25, 2017

This past spring, both Lyft and Uber expanded their business into Grand Forks. Since then, there have been mixed reactions to how the companies conduct their operations. At the very beginning, there was a lot of buzz and media coverage around these two platforms coming to town. In November of 2015,...

Why college students fail at adulting

Breanna Roen, Staff Writer

January 31, 2017

As a twenty-year-old in my third year of college, I am so thankful my mom has taught me the basics of balancing a checkbook, cooking, cleaning and other life skills in order to be a functioning human. I know we all see pictures with the quotes “I wish I learned how to do taxes and know what insuran...

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