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Signs of spring slowly emerge with the

The best time of the year

Jill Morton, Opinion Columnist April 30, 2018

Most people think that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, probably because of the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” But let’s be real, right now is a pretty great...

For seniors – Enjoy it while it lasts

Jill Morton, Columnist April 22, 2018

Graduation is just three short weeks away. For seniors, the end of their time at UND is coming with with either dread or delight. Once you graduate, it’s time to go out into the real world where “adulting”...

Details that were once easily remembered such as phone numbers and addresses are now commonly forgotten thanks to mobile devices and apps that store such information.

Smartphones are ruining our memories

Jill Morton, Columnist April 16, 2018

Over the past few years, I have noticed that I rely more and more on my smartphone for just about everything. There are so many convenient apps for anything and everything that you might need. If...

Kids and technology

Jill Morton, Columnist April 8, 2018

I recently visited an elementary school through a pen pal program and got to experience an hour in the life of a fourth grader. I haven’t been in a fourth-grade classroom since I was in elementary school...

Free time should free up your mind from dull routines

Jill Morton, Opinion Columnist March 26, 2018

Imagine you just had a long week at school. Your physics test didn’t go as well as you hoped, you submitted your assignment at the last minute and are now mentally and physically exhausted. On Saturday...

A self driving Volvo XC90 is parked outside 737 Harrison, the unmarked headquarters of Otto, a San Francisco, Cali. autonomous trucking company acquired by Uber in 2016. Dllu / Wikimedia Commons

Autonomous vehicles are just what society needs

Jill Morton, Opinion Columnist March 4, 2018

Picture this: Your alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m. You jolt out of bed and rush to get ready and out the door, still barely awake. You jump into your car, where you recline your seat and resume your night’s...

Female power in “Black Panther”

Jill Morton, Opinion Columnist February 26, 2018

The film “Black Panther” premiered in theaters just a week ago and has since dominated the box office and the hearts of fans everywhere. In this Marvel superhero movie, a king moonlights as the Black...

Overhyped, why I hate the Super Bowl

Jill Morton, Opinion Columnist February 11, 2018

For those of you who live under a rock, the biggest football game of the year was played just last week in Minneapolis. The Philadelphia Eagles had a 41-33 victory over The New England Patriot. Personally,...

Fighting Hawks forward Fallyn Freije signs her autograph for a young fan during Fan Fest at the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center this past fall.

Athletes are celebrities

Jill Morton, Opinion Columnist February 4, 2018

North Dakota is a great state in many ways, but for sports fans the state disappoints because of the lack of professional sports. We don’t have the opportunity to get disappointed year after year about...

Big Sky to Summit

Jill Morton, Opinion Columnist January 28, 2018

As a collegiate athlete, I spend a lot of time traveling. We are sometimes gone every other week for five days at a time and being on the road for so long puts a lot of strain on a student. The early morning...

Cold weather blues

Jill Morton, Staff Writer January 22, 2018

“The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is, so delightful.” This line from the famous Christmas song, “Let it Snow,” was composed over 70 years ago but still resonates with me today....

North Dakota doesn’t know how to plow

Jill Morton, Staff Writer November 15, 2017

Only a couple of weeks ago, we had our first dusting of snow for the year. The entire campus became covered in a thick blanket of white. The worst part of winter is the snow never gets properly cleaned...

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