9/15/2013: Mariah Holland

Well, it’s been a hectic last week between work and homework, but that means I’m one week closer to the Minnesota Wild’s season starting!

Yeah, I’m pretty excited for them to start because I’m a hockey nut. Fun fact about myself, I collect hockey cards and I currently have over 2,000 plus more to add thanks to my boyfriend, Jesse. He’ll buy me some every once in a while to put a smile on my face because he knows how much I love collecting them. In return, I have pre-ordered a video game for him for his birthday. Yeah, he knows about it, but that’s just so he doesn’t go and buy it first, haha.

Anyway, other than waiting for hockey to start, I’m also pretty excited to possibly see my cousin play football in Moorhead on Friday and then possibly head for home afterwards. I’m also pretty excited to be writing a paper on the “Miracle speech” for one of my classes. The paper has been pretty tough to write but I have learned a lot and also made some new connections that helped with my learning. I’m usually not one to be excited about learning but when it’s something I’m interested in, then look out, my research may never end.

I love finding new facts and knowing more facts. I’m a hockey stats machine, as Jesse has called me many times. He’ll laugh or even roll his eyes from time to time when I’ll blurt out a hockey fact or correct a hockey fact I heard on the news. I love knowing stats about sports, especially hockey and I hope to be a coach or scout one day.

Some people just look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them, but I’ve got a great support group behind me that supports me 100%. I’m really lucky to have those people in my life. I would like to conclude this blog with how thankful I am to have Jesse, my family and my friends in my life. They keep me afloat. Thanks guys!