NDUS unveils Nexus ND initiative

North Dakota University System chancellor Mark Hagerott addressed the  NDUS community in a video published this last week.

This video touched on many topics relevant to UND, including the selection of Mark Kennedy as president, a new initiative being established called Nexus ND and other upcoming events.

The address began with a congratulations aimed at Mark Kennedy on his recent selection to be the 12th president of UND, who will begin his new duties in July.

“The former congressman has a distinguished history of public service in the state and national level, as well as in higher education, and in business,” Hagerott said.

Hagerott then went on to broach the topic of higher education in North Dakota, and what the future has to hold for the NDUS.

“We firmly believe in shaping the world of education to benefit everyone, most especially our students and with that type of change in mind we’re looking at focusing on technology related initiatives,” Hagerott said.

Hagerott made it a point that the NDUS is going to continue to provide programs, such as history, the Dakota nursing program and other technology related programs, but will make digital technology opportunities a centerpiece of this new direction.

At the heart of this assertion was the Nexus ND initiative, which he hopes will help the system fill the needs of emerging industries in the tech sector.

“Nexus ND will serve as a digital triad, comprised of unmanned aerial systems, cyber security and high performance computing,” Hagerott said.

He outlined what he sees to be one of the current strengths of the NDUS, specifying three areas of study  which will only grow as time passes. This included agriculture (precision agriculture in particular), energy ,and businesses.

“With the leadership from North Dakota State University, the University of North Dakota and other colleges in our system itself Nexus ND will educate tomorrow’s workforce and help to diversify our state’s economy building on already 350-some tech-related businesses here in our state,” Hagerott said.

It was mentioned that NDUS will be holding summit on higher education this May called “Envision 2030”, which will coincide with the main meeting of the state board of higher education.

It was outlined that the summit will aim to allow stakeholders, constituents, and other policy-makers of the NDUS to come together and discuss demographic and workforce needs which higher education will need to meet within the next two decades.

The event will include a keynote address from Gov. Jack Dalrymple and multiple topic panel discussions.

“All the participants will have a chance to lay the foundations for the future of higher education in our state.” Hagerott said.

David Satre is the news editor for The Dakota Student. He can be reached at [email protected]