9/10/2013: Marie Monson

Hey everybody! Marie here. Every year the start of classes is quite jolting, and here I am, now a senior in college and still not used to the sudden change in activity and the loads of homework given.  I’m sure some ,if not all of you can relate on some level.

I unfortunately found out about a class I would have loved to take too late and was unable to sign up for it.  When I talked to the professor, he said not to worry because it will be offered next fall as well. So unless I plan on going an extra semester of school for that one class, I am stuck! In case you’re wondering, it’s ESSP 200 and focuses on the scientific and environmental hot topic of sustainability. I was also just informed by that same professor that UND plans on providing a minor in Sustainability Science, which is TOTALLY AWESOME. Unfortunately I won’t be able to boast that on my resume, but if you are interested in the environment and love to recycle 😉 then this could be for you. Not to sound like an infomercial or anything. 🙂 But seriously…

I am really happy with how things are going with the Dakota Student, as it is my first semester with them. The team is great and seeing my name in print is probably the coolest part; must be the English major in me.

Hope you guys are having a great start to the fall semester!  Stay tuned.