9/10/2013: Mariah Holland

Finally, I get a few days off of work! Don’t get me wrong, I love where I work but closing five nights in a row during the first week of school and Labor Day week all together makes for a hectic schedule.

I can not wait for hockey season to get underway. Summertime is great but winter is where it’s at because that means it’s time to lace up the skates and hit the ice. I’m hoping for a great season, not only from the men’s and women’s teams here at UND but also for my Minnesota Wild. For those of you that don’t know, there is a former UND player on the Wild, and that would be none other than Zach Parise. Hopefully he can score some goals this year and get the Wild a Stanley Cup, which would be their first ever.

Zach Parise is not my favorite player for the Wild however; he’s a great player, don’t get me wrong, he’s just not my favorite. The majority of my favorite players have been either traded or pursued their free agency option which means currently I don’t really have a favorite player for the Wild. I do intend to get tickets to see my non-Wild favorite player Sidney Crosby when his team comes to Minnesota.

Coincidentally, the Pittsburgh Penguins are my second favorite team. As you may have noticed, I am Minnesotan and very proud of it. So I will talk about the Wild and other Minnesota teams a lot, but don’t worry, I won’t be talking about the Gophers at all.

Lastly, I will finish up this nice blog talking about my boyfriend of almost two years. We went to the Minnesota State Fair last week and had a blast and he also made sure I knew where and what time my classes were for this week. He’s such a great guy and you will probably hear quite a bit about him in the future as well. But that’s going to wrap it up for now, hopefully you will keep reading in the future!