9/10/2013: Allison Moore

Hello everyone, I am Ali Moore. I am currently a sophomore majoring in communications-public relations and I am a new sports writer for the Dakota Student this semester. Although it has only been a few weeks, I know I am going to love this job. It is my two passions put into one; writing and sports. How much better could it get? Plus it gives me an excuse to attend more sporting events on campus and drag my friends with me.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a lawyer. That was still my intention going into freshman year but i soon realized that my love for law was not as strong as i thought and the field is becoming more and more difficult to find jobs in. Therefore, I have now set my sights on becoming the head of public relations at a large corporation someday. Well, for now at least. Although I will be honest, I am sure I will change my mind again before these four years are over.

I am very excited for this school year, because not only am I starting this job, but I am also starting a new organization. It is called Alpha Kappa Psi, or AKPsi for short, a co-ed professional business fraternity. And though it is a common misconception, it is NOT greek-affiliated, people can be in a sorority/fraternity and still be in this club. We do events to build our professional profiles and to network. And of course brotherhood events to have fun! A few friends and I started the process of getting the club as an official organization. And now we are just starting to get trained in this week and recruiting members. So exciting! I will keep you updated!

Well that is it for now! Until next week.