UND Theatre prepares for performance

UND Theater students Tyler Folkedahl, Ashley Restemayer, Brooke Anderson, Brandon Nalley are preparing for the upcoming Evening of Student Works.

From casting to directing to now taking the stage by storm, UND Theater students have been hard at work in preparation for the opening of the department’s latest series of plays, An Evening of Student Works.

An Evening of Student Works consists of six plays each ranging from 5 to 10 minutes in length. These plays are incredibly unique from other pieces the department typically preforms, because each play is written as well as directed by a student.

Furthermore, in addition to writing and directing, students have also had the careful task of designing the costume, hair, and makeup for the performances.

Brooke Anderson is one of four students directing a play this week. She will be directing two of the featured plays. The first play is called Teapots, which is about a young girl, and her aunt separately grieving for the loss of a mutual loved one at the wake. The second play Anderson is directing is called American Football, which takes place during the State of the Union Address.

“This production is a big opportunity for the students of the Theatre Arts Department to showcase their talent and hard work.” said Anderson. “I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to work with such talented and driven students who motivate me.”

Anderson also states that her experience of being able to write and direct a play has been challenging as well as rewarding.  She mentions, “Being a student director for a UND production has definitely been a whirlwind, the whole experience has been completely new for me but I’ve definitely learned a lot.”

Other directors for these performances include Tyler Folkedahl, Brandon Nalley and Ashley Restemayer.

After practicing and preparing for this weeks performances, Anderson says that she has walked away with a fresh perspective on theater. “This experience has given me a newfound respect and admiration for directors including all the work and time they put into making a show.” said Anderson.

Live performances of these plays are happening at the Burtness Theatre February 17—February 20. The last show of this series is on Saturday at 7:30pm.

Students can obtain tickets through the Burtness Theatre box office or by emailing theatre.und.edu.

All students are encouraged to get out and see the hard work and dedication students in the theater have poured into An Evening of Student Works. Anderson says, “I hope many people attend and enjoy the show as much as I do.”

Amanda Hefner is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected]