Peer pressure game

Trivia, music and prizes were all things captivating the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl audience during “Peer Pressure: The Game Show.”

The first game show event was held, Nov. 5 and offered a chance for students to test their knowledge about health and wellness and an opportunity to win prizes.

As the room began to crowd with students, all audience members became eager to participate and to be called down to play the games.

Four chairs were sitting in the front of the room awaiting contestants.

Students in the audience were called down at random to fill the chairs. As they were sitting in the chairs, the host asked the four contestants a question pertaining to health and wellness.

The contestants had to write down their answers to the questions on a board.

The student with a guess closest to the correct answer to the question had the opportunity to play the game show and had the chance to win a prize.

The first prize was a $30 Target gift card and the game was Temptation. In order to win, the contestant had to determine how much a DWI charge costs.

The game was played by the contestant guessing the calorie content of various alcoholic drinks and trying to calculate the actual cost of a DWI with the calorie numbers.

According to the health and wellness staff, the cost of a DWI is $15,700.

Once the game was over, the next four contestants got a chance to answer a question for their chance to play the next game show round.

The question asked was what percentage of UND students always wear their seatbelt in the car. The answer was 77.7 percent.

The contestant with the closest answer was brought up to the main floor and had the chance to win a Dakota Harvest gift card.

The next game was Count Down. Thirty seconds were put on the clock and the contestant had to guess the correct percentage of how many UND students have depression.

As the clock started, the contestant started taking guesses until finally reaching the correct answer of 22 percent.

The questions and the games continued all through the night as the prizes got larger and the games got more extravagant. Prizes ranged from a $50 Visa gift card to the grand prize of an iPad mini.

Amanda Hefner is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].