Law school hosts auctions at Gorecki

Law school members gather at the Gorecki Alumni center on Friday night for their live and silent auction. Photo by Chester Beltowski/The Dakota Student.

An elegant group gathered at the Gorecki Alumni Center for the annual UND School of Law Art Auction on Friday night.

Women in gowns and men in suits piled into the Gorecki for a night of food, drinks and fun. Limos escorted some guests to the event and live music played as they entered, making for a night most will never forget.

Sarah Scholler, a soon-to-be graduate of the Law School, was on the board that planned, prepped, and put on the Art Auction.

“The UND Art Auction is sponsored by the Law School,” Scholler said. “Basically, the main reason we put on this event is to help the graduating class of the Law School with their commencement expenses and fees. I am part of the graduating class this year so that is why I am on the committee. The committee is always comprised of graduating class members.”

This fun-filled event is not only for students and alumni, everyone is welcome to this annual event.

“It is open to the public. Our main audience is usually from UND. Mostly School of Law students and alumni, faculty, and even attorneys in the area. But all are welcome to enjoy our event,” Scholler said.

Throughout the night a silent auction was held along with a live auction. A live auction is when attendees go head-to-head in a bidding war for a donated item, while a silent auction is when an item is placed at a table and bidders write down how much money they are willing to pay for the donated item. Once the bidding time is up, the sheet is taken and the highest bidder receives the prize.

Once the themed baskets for the silent auction were all spoken for, the live auction began.

“Some of the main items we are auctioning off are a UND Mens hockey jersey which has been autographed by the entire team,” Scholler said. “A hockey stick also autographed by the USA Women’s Olympic team (is available). Other items include — UND Men’s Hockey tickets (and) Winnipeg Jets tickets. It really is a whole wide array of things we get in for the auction.”

There were many tangible items to be bidded on, but the auction also added some personal touches.

“A lot of the community at the law school is very close knit,” Scholler said. “So, the faculty and students will often donate things individually that either reflect their interests, hobbies or something their family does really well and is good at. We do have some faculty that are donating paintings, jewelry and things of that nature. Other donations are  a little more personal, such as one on one time because it is such a tight community. Those one on one times include things like dinners and game nights.”

Students, faculty and alumni aren’t the only ones abundantly donating personal and big money items, along with time. Many locals join in on the fun as well.

“A lot of the local businesses have been very generous, they usually are every year,” Scholler said.

When it is all said and done, whatever money is left over after commencement and expenses are paid will be donated back as a gift from the class to the School of Law.

Hailie Pelka is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].