Banjo- the ultimate “creeping” app

I recently found out about Banjo just this last week. It sounded really interesting so I downloaded it to see if it was all it was cracked up to be.

Banjo is currently available on both the Android Market and iTunes App Store for free.

The app was originally designed to be an “all-access pass to live events and breaking news around the world,” but this is only the big picture idea.

Many other users are using it to “creep” on what other people are tweeting about in their area.

Ultimately, if a Twitter user does not have their privacy up on their tweets, anyone can access them, even outside of their followers.

For example, I am currently on the UND campus and I can search any tweets in the area I am at. I just went to the Banjo search bar and typed in “University of North Dakota” and it lists all the recent tweets near me.

Tweets (users name are omitted for privacy reasons):

“I guess it’s acceptable to watch movies all day in the batcave.”

“The fact that I’m sore from bowling last night is depressing haha”

“Jimmy johns forgot my cookie. Not cool”

“Carbs on my mind. I feel like rolling around in a tub of noodles and then stuffing my face with bread and pizza. Carbs pleeease now”

“The scar on my forehead won’t stop tingling, which means Voldemort must be near Grand Forks”

If you are ever in a good mood for a laugh just “creep” on all your fellow students to find out how their lives are currently going.

Other than creeping you can use the app to gain information on current trend events.

With the Winter Olympics coming to an end, the twitter sphere is blowing up with tweets about Sochi 2014.

The app is fun to use for creeping on friends or strangers, but it is another great way to stay connected with what is trending.