Now that the Olympics are over and done with, the real hockey world can commence once again. However, there was one thing that happened during the Olympics I would like to discuss.

U.S. Olympian, T.J. Oshie was called a “hero” for his performance in the United States’ game against the Russians in which Oshie scored four goals in a shootout to give the U.S. a win.  His performance was amazing and great but what really caught my attention was what Oshie had to say after it happened.

He was called a “hero” in one of his post game interviews and his response was, “The American heroes are wearing camo, that’s not me.” To him the real heroes are the American military.

That really stood out to me and he gained a lot of my respect after that comment. He could have easily taken the credit or just said a simple “sure” and no one would have batted an eyelash, but to say without hesitation that those in the military are the true heroes- it should really get some attention.

Many kids grow up believing that athletes are heroes which in some and a lot of cases they can be, but we cannot forget the reason we have the ability to watch our favorite athletes play, and that is our military.

Oshie probably thought nothing of his comment, that he was just speaking the truth, but for one day he gained a lot of attention, not only for what he did on the ice, but for what he said about America as a country. He gave credit where it is deserved and he should be saluted for that.

So I would just like to say thank you to T.J. Oshie for giving credit where it is due and looking like a true American hero even if he isn’t wearing camo.