Buildings face demolition amidst relocation

The Era Bell Thompson Multicultural Center, The Women’s Center slated for destruction


The Women’s Center (left) and the Era Bell Thompson Multicultural Center (right) will both likely be torn down during a campus-wide relocation of offices. Photos by Jennifer Friese/The Dakota Student.

If you are looking to visit various offices on campus, you might have to look twice.

Because of recent decisions by the university, many offices at UND will be moving to new locations. These moves will affect the Women’s Center, Multicultural Student Services and other offices located inside the Memorial Union and McCannel Hall.

These decisions have been made partly because UND received funding from the state legislature to build a new medical school and to renovate the School of Law, creating new spaces on campus.

Other buildings on campus were assessed while working on the new medical school and were reported to be in poor condition. These buildings include Chandler Hall, Babcock Hall, the Strinden Center, the Era Bell Thompson Center, the Women’s Center, Dakota Hall and the Center for Community Engagement.

Use of these buildings may be discontinued in the future.

The Women’s Center and Multicultural Student Services have held their offices in these buildings and will be making moves to new offices shortly. The Women’s Center will temporarily move to the first floor of McCannel Hall next to the Dean of Students office. Multicultural Student Services will be relocating to the third floor of the Memorial Union, which is currently occupied by UND Technical Support. UND’s soon to be hired inaugural Associate Vice President of Diversity will help determine where the final location for the Multicultural Student Services will be.

“Those houses are not in good shape,” UND spokseman Peter Johnson said. “We also figured it would be better for them. The Multicultural Student Services will be moved to the building that most students touch in a given day or week, so that makes a lot of sense.”

Johnson said these decisions were made collectively by President Kelley and the Vice Presidents of UND with a holistic view of campus in mind.

“There is only a finite amount of space on campus, and we have been asking what the best use of that space is,” Johnson said.

Other offices relocating include Financial Wellness, UND Technical Support, University Federal Credit Union, TIAA-CREF, the Athletic Ticket Office, the Health and Wellness Hub, Institutional Research, School of Law offices, Affirmative Action and EPSCoR.

Financial Wellness will move from McCannel Hall to the Memorial Union. The Health and Wellness Hub will move from the Memorial Union to McCannel Hall. University Federal Credit Union, TIAA-CREF, the Athletic Ticket Office and UND Technical Support are located in the Memorial Union and will be making moves within the building.

Institutional Research will be moved from Twamley Hall into the Information Technology building. The School of Law will be relocating to Carnegie Hall, Twamley Hall, Strinden Center and other locations. Affirmative Action and EPSCoR will be making moves inside Twamley Hall.

These changes are expected to begin in March and be completed in late spring or summer.

“(The changes are) probably more noticed by students being in a more common area than a house with a sign in the front yard because I honestly did not know they existed until I needed to go there,” UND student Jessica Barnett said.

Ashley Marquis is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].