Death of Flappy Bird

**Each week I am going to download a new or popular app from the Android Market or Apple app store and test it out. I will give a review of the app and also include others’ views, or current news on the app.**

This week’s blog goes out to the recently removed from app stores, Flappy Bird.


I love and hate this game at the same time. The first few days I played it I was furious because I couldn’t get past eight. However, after playing it longer my ultimate high score got up to 54, and to be honest I am proud of that score, because this game is ridiculously annoying when you die.

One problem I noticed with the game is that pop-up ads cause it to glitch and you die. The object of the game is to get the tiny bird through multiple sets of pipes without falling to the ground or running into the pipes, but sometimes that objective seems impossible.

Sadly, I found myself playing this game for hours and it was added to my list of things that cause me to procrastinate. This game is simple, but highly addictive. You could easily say that one might get obsessed playing it.

A friend of mine, Mike Allison, reached a high score of 143. He texted me a screenshot of the score, along with a text that read, “I almost vomited.” I have also noticed many Facebook statuses, tweets, and Instagram photos of high scores and hate toward the game.

The app was created in late 2012 by Nguyen, but became widely and obsessively popular in the last few months. However, just a few weeks ago the creator of Flappy Bird chose to take the app off of both app stores. Nguyen explained that he took the app down because it was becoming too obsessive to its users, which is not what he wanted when he originally launched the game.

Before the app was taken down, it was in the top ten free apps on the Android Market and iTunes App Store and at the beginning of February the popular game was rated number one in 53 different countries, according to the iTunes App Store.

Even though the app was taken out of the stores, other game developers started creating massive remakes. Clumsy Bird is one of the app replacements that is making its way to the top of the app store currently.

Flappy Bird is no longer available for download, but anyone who had it previously downloaded on his or her phone can still play (obsess) over it.