Valentine’s Day just a Hallmark scam

Photo by Shae Bonifacio/The Dakota Student.

There are two kinds of people in this world— the ones that look forward to Valentine’s day and the ones that don’t.

In reality, February 14th usually boils down to whether or not you have someone special to share it with.

I’ve always voted impartial to this Hallmark holiday. Not just because I have terrible fortune in the relationship department, but because Valentine’s day is just that: a Hallmark holiday.

We shouldn’t feel the need to have a specific day of the year where we find the time to tell someone special in our lives we care about them. It should be a constant affirmation. It’s absurd that we try to go all out with presents and surprises because there is one day in the middle of February that tells us it’s the socially acceptable thing to do.

What ever happened to roses just because it’s Tuesday, or a dinner date  just because you want to do something special? Do we just pull those things out when a national greeting card holiday calls for it? Call me old fashioned, but those things shouldn’t only happen when Cupid commands it.

It’s no longer the tradition it used to be. In fact, the history of Valentine’s day does have romantic aspects associated with it, but it’s also based on a Pagan holiday with twisted, sacrificial and strange Greek customs as well. The History Channel’s website has some good videos about Valentine’s day history.

Valentine’s day is absurd because it’s completely over-exaggerated by companies like Hallmark and Hershey’s who promote their businesses more than ever during this time. They will make you believe the day is all about the cutest card, the prettiest flowers, the most expensive chocolates or the fanciest restaurant.

But speaking from personal experience, girls just want the reassurance that they are cared for every day of the year, not just when it’s a competition to do so.

That’s what this holiday has become: a competition.

Valentine’s day has evolved into showing others up with the best scheme of romance, and raking in a profit for the retailers.

It has lost its romance and heartfelt meaning, and been replaced with material items in an effort to give the cutest gift or the best surprise.

If you’re single, it’s a contest to see who can consume the most pizza and ice cream in one sitting. It causes more stress than necessary. The pressure is high to impress and to woo someone. But it doesn’t have to be a contest or a challenge.

Love should be celebrated, there’s no doubt about that. It’s an amazing thing and doesn’t come around every day.

When you are lucky enough to find it with someone, you should celebrate it every day. Not to say that every day should include dinner by the candlelight or a fresh bouquet of roses, but the little things.

These are what we will remember the most when we look back on the time spent with our loved ones. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune and it doesn’t have to outshine everything your buddies did for their own Valentines.

It simply has to make your own Valentine feel special and there shouldn’t have to be a designated day on the calendar for it.

Mary Ochs is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].