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There’s a difference between change and progress

Mary Ochs, Staff Writer September 19, 2014

Quite often the terms progress and change are used interchangeably, but there’s a fine line people are missing. Progress generally signifies moving forward in a positive manner, while change doesn’t...

College provides life lessons

Mary Ochs, Staff Writer May 2, 2014

As young adults, we have the mind-set that we’re on top of the world. We may think we own the town we came from, we may believe we own the night or even be under the impression that nothing can touch...

Group projects never worth the work

Group projects never worth the work

Mary Ochs, Staff Writer April 28, 2014

There are two words that make every student cringe: group projects. I don’t know if professors are aware of what a terrible experience group projects are for students,  but if they aren’t, they certainly...

Campus housing still best option

Mary Ochs, Staff Writer April 25, 2014

I’ve come to realize living on-campus has many more benefits for students than living off-campus. It offers much more convenience, involvement and focus, which helps students in the long run. There’s...

Optional hall events, better

Mary Ochs, Columnist April 11, 2014

I have to give props to the Resident Assistants (RAs) we have on campus. They put a lot of time and effort into our residence halls, and much of it goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Many of their duties,...

First impressions sometimes faulty

Mary Ochs, Columnist April 3, 2014

First impressions don’t mean everything. In fact, first impressions don’t even have to be good impressions to establish a positive relationship. An article published in Forbes says nonverbal cues...

Change, not so great

Mary Ochs, Columnist March 28, 2014

The ‘90s kids had it best. Kids growing up today have it too easy and are too spoiled. It’s a shame our society has progressed this way, but we as ‘90s kids were lucky enough to grow up in a blissful...

Lent provides benefit for all

Mary Ochs, Columnist March 11, 2014

As I write this, there are 37 days until Easter. It’s easy to keep track of the days prior to Easter when you are participating in Lent; especially when you give something up for those 40 days. Someone...

Criticism proves beneficial

Mary Ochs, Columnist March 7, 2014

Think of some moment in your life when you achieved something you were proud of and worked hard at something you loved. Now think back to what inspired you to accomplish that. It was always criticism that...

Thriller shows teach crimes

Mary Ochs, Columnist March 4, 2014

I love crime shows; I always have. I’m a fan of “CSI,” “Bones,” “Criminal Minds,” “Cold Case” and even “NCIS.” Anything with crime scenes or forensics has always interested me. For...

Carbs really not so bad

Mary Ochs, Columnist February 28, 2014

I love food. I’m definitely not ashamed to admit it. It’s practically impossible for me to resist Mexican or Italian food, and I’m all about the chocolate. However, that doesn’t mean I eat poorly...

Valentine’s Day just a Hallmark scam

Valentine’s Day just a Hallmark scam

Mary Ochs, Columnist February 13, 2014

Photo by Shae Bonifacio/The Dakota Student. There are two kinds of people in this world— the ones that look forward to Valentine’s day and the ones that don’t. In reality, February 14th usually...

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