Housing idea not perfect

Grove has unique idea but may not be good for students.

The Grove College Lifestyle Living Community. Image via gogrove.

On the outside, it seems like a dream come true. The Grove, the new apartment complex coming to Grand Forks for UND students, seems to have it all — the best amenities for the best people, a great time for all and an extraordinary life. Maybe it will live up to its word and be “the place” to live at UND, but it might give students reasons to have a little too much fun.

I’ve gotten the impression that it projects the face of being one big social club — that it will be a great party complex, where education and responsibility have no place inside its walls.

After I had seen a few flyers and advertisements for this place, it made me curious to see what it was all about. It seemed like the kind of place to live if all you wanted to do was party and socialize, which, don’t get me wrong, is a huge part of the college experience. But, then again, so is learning responsibility and performing well academically.

I asked a few people who plan on living there a few questions about it. I wanted a sense of why they picked the Grove and what drew them to desire to live there and be a part of what seems would be a constant ruckus.

Patrick Mills plans on moving into the Grove next year. He said he considered living on campus again, but he was drawn to what the Grove could offer.

“I want to live there because it’s a nice place and has a lot of amenities,” he said.

I also spoke to sophomore Christian Schrimpf, who also is set on moving into the Grove when it opens.

“If your roommates leave or don’t pay rent, it has zero effect on your credit, which is unique,” Schrimpf said. “That was my main concern with other places I looked at.”

This impressed me, because that really is a nice thing not to have to worry about when living with others. It really takes the stress off relying on others to pay their share.

I talked to AJ Volberding, who also plans to make the Grove his new living quarters.

“I want to live there because I will have my own full-size bed, my own full bathroom and my own walk-in closet … There will be a pool and game room and a coffee shop free to residents,” Volberding said.

Sounds pretty perfect, no? But he also told me about a few disadvantages with this otherwise prime pad.

The main concerns are that it’s not right on campus, it’s only open to college students and there’s only outdoor parking. But I don’t feel anyone has considered the one disadvantage that seems blatantly obvious to me — how much of a constant social space it appears to be.

It’s important to socialize and have fun in college. There’s no point in coming to campus if you aren’t. But sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.

What if the residents want a quiet night to study and go to bed early for that internship they have at 8 a.m. the next morning? Will they be able to have that accommodation without being bombarded with social events and a constant slew of people?

One of the most important reasons we go to college is to get an education. To do this requires a dedication to learning as well as practice in responsibility and structure in preparation for the real world. These qualities just don’t seem to be what the Grove has advertised they are interested in helping students achieve.

Maybe “life at the Grove is dope,” really is an accurate description of what living there will be like, as its website tells us. Maybe that is the life you want and look forward to. By all means, follow your arrows, my fellow UND students.

Just don’t forget there is a real world outside of the Grove, one with obligations and responsibilities. Don’t forget about some of the important reasons you’re on this campus.

Mary Ochs is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].