Nonprofit group organizes snow softball games

Tournament open to the public, proceeds will benefit St. Joseph’s Social Care.

The Nonprofit Leadership Student Association is hosting the Snowball Winter Softball Tournament at Apollo Field in Grand Forks on Feb. 22.

The program’s service works for the entire Grand Forks community and interns with nonprofit organizations.

UND’s Alumni Association and Foundation, which provides much of the funding for the Nonprofit Leadership Programs, will be there to throw the first pitch with a team of its own ready to play in the tournament.

The registration fee is $20 per person, and each player will receive a T-shirt for joining. The event is open to the entire community, and proceeds will go to St. Joseph’s Social Care.

The program offers a 21-credit minor and 180-credit certificate program and is accredited by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, a national organization in colleges and universities.

Students looking to gain experience for future work in the nonprofit sector and participate in community service and fund raising can join the Nonprofit Leadership Program.

The program provides social and cultural opportunities and prepares future leaders in nonprofit leadership.

Behind the program is Executive Chairwoman Laura Roach. She and the Nonprofit Leadership Program worked with programs including Stable Days Youth Ranch in East Grand Forks, which works with mentally and physically disabled children.

“My favorite community service event has been volunteering at Stable Days,” Community Service Chairwoman Kristen Fabin said. “The staff was really appreciative of our help, and I felt like we made a big difference. It was also fun to see the horses at the ranch.”

The organization also held a prom dress sale, which was geared towards girls that couldn’t afford a dress of their own.

“We had donations, and some people would exchange their old dresses for new ones, and then we’d sell the old ones for a discounted price,” Roach said.

The Nonprofit Leadership Program does different community service projects and fundraisers and focuses on one big fundraising event of their own every year.

“We sometimes get bored of doing the same events every year, so we like to switch it up,” Roach said. “We vote as a group each year to decide what programs we want the proceeds to go to.”

Members are asked to bring their own gloves — thick mittens work best — as well as to wear warm winter gear to the games. Hot coffee and cocoa will be provided during the tournament.

“My favorite part about being in the program is working with a group of great people who want to see change in the world,” Communications Committee Chairman Alex Colestock said.

Adele Kieger is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].