Not so Super Bowl

Big game disappoints Broncos, Seahawks fans alike.

Last Sunday, the largest consumer event in the world took place. It was also the night a really boring game of football took place.

Super Bowl XLVIII was supposed to be a battle between the high-flying offense of the Denver Broncos and the Legion of Boom, the Seattle Seahawks defence. Instead, the game was a blowout and, honestly, not very fun to watch.

The MVP season put in by Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning this year went a long way toward making the Broncos the favorite in this game, but the Denver defense seemingly forgot about former Vikings superstar Percy Harvin.

Manning, the future Hall of Famer he is, could have improved his case for a first ballot selection with a win last Sunday.

Going into the game, I gave the advantage to Denver, and, boy, was I proven wrong. When it came to the running game, nobody could compete with the dominant force which is the Seattle Seahawks running back duo of Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch and Robert Turbin. The Denver running game was almost nonexistent and can be summarized in  one word — disappointing.

The only way the Broncos had a real chance of winning was if they could’ve contained the Seahawks defensive line and secondary, which included Richard Sherman, now famous for his post-game rant with reporter Erin Andrews in the semi-final round.

Seconds into the big game last Sunday, the Seahawks tallied a safety, which was a sign of what the Bronco’s night would turn out to be. After mistakes upon mistakes, the untouchable Broncos offense was held to a mere eight points.

The game was simply a blowout, in all aspects of offense, defense and special teams. The Seahawks ended up winning 43-8 in one of the most one-sided Super Bowl in history.

Still, the Super Bowl isn’t just about the game. It’s also a time of year with almost Christmas-like excitement, where people of all races and religions can join together in sportsmanship, or in separatist spheres, depending on which team you support.

Still, the whole ceremony and event combine into a wonderful combination of sport, food and friends.

Micah Dewey is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. He can be reached at [email protected].