BLOG: December is the busiest time of year

I have 4 or more birthdays in the month of December including my own plus Jesse and I have our anniversary in the month of December and between Christmas and New Years it ends up being a pretty busy month. My aunt and uncle have their birthday’s in the month of December, my uncle’s is on the same day as mine, the 28th. Jesse’s birthday is on Christmas day, yes he’s a Christmas baby and enjoys it quite a bit. We’ll both be 21 this year and it’s also our 2 year anniversary since we started dating. The 16th is our day and we have been planning presents for each other for the past month. I have 5 Christmas’s to try to get to between Jesse’s family and mine. I have three with my family, my parents have one for just us, my dad’s side has one and my mom’s side has one. Then on Jesse’s side his parents have one and then his dad’s side also has one. All the Christmas’s are on different days thankfully but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make them all with work and driving it’s rather difficult. Jesse and I are trying to make all of them work but we still feel bad if we can’t make it to one of them. Jesse has plans for our 2 year and my birthday as well. I’m pretty excited to go out for my birthday and have a nice dinner. Studying has been taking much of my time and has been pretty overwhelming as well but Jesse has been helping me keep my head on my shoulders and has even helped me when I’ve had a studying breakdown. I get super overwhelmed like most people when I have to study for tests especially finals but it helps to have someone like Jesse support me through it and keep me on track. He also pushes me to keep studying when I don’t want to. Well good luck with all your finals and see you next semester!