BLOG: End of the semester

    As the end of the semester is winding down (yay!), this will be my last blog until next year. Due to these circumstances, I have been reflecting on my semester and looking forward to my vacation as well.

    Overall, I would say this semester has been a success.  I took classes  more directly related to my majors so I felt like I actually learned a lot that will (hopefully) be useful when I graduate one year from now.  I took this job at the Dakota Student, have gotten more involved and responsibilities with my other job, and am also in the process of doing a field experience with a park and recreation department.  I am happy that as I am getting older, I am also getting more experience with opportunities more directly related to my majors.

    However, even though I love all the stuff that I do during the school year, I am looking forward to my winter break! I love Christmas and everything about it.  I started listening to Christmas music the beginning of November and began watching Christmas movies a little bit before Christmas.  I love decorating the tree with my family, shopping for others, and even wrapping gifts.  I love the treats and sweets.  I love spending time with my family.

I encourage everyone, even if it might not seem like the cool thing to do to embrace the holiday season no matter what you believe in and celebrate.  Make time for your family and appreciate all the small things in life.

I hope you all enjoy your break and have a wonderful vacation!