BLOG: Jesse Week!

My boyfriend Jesse was up in Grand Forks once again and I can’t even start to thank him enough for all he’s done for me.

He cleaned my car numerous times, he helped me buy things, he drove me to school, he visited me at work on my break, he came to my band concert, among many other things. It was the first time he had been to a band concert and he liked it 🙂

I was so happy and excited because he wanted to come. He even drove through the snowstorm to get here.

Speaking of snow storm, one of my best friends who goes to University of Minnesota-Duluth was involved in a head-on collision on Monday on her way back to school. A car going the other way hit the ice, then crossed the median and hit my friend’s car.

My friend is doing well now, but she did break her leg, ankle, arm and also had minor bleeding in her head right after the accident. Thankfully the bleeding stopped and now she is able to go home. Kaylene if you are reading this, I miss you, I’m so thankful you are okay, I don’t know what I would do without you and I hope to see you soon! Get well and love ya sis!

I’m glad Jesse was here when that happened because I was a wreck already with all of the homework I had to do. Then when I found out about Kaylene, I lost it.

She is doing well now and going through physical therapy already! She’ll be on her feet in no time and causing havoc, like she did prior to the accident.

The semester is winding down and I’m so happy to be almost done, but I have big plans over Christmas break that I can’t wait for. Hopefully the time goes by quickly! Have a safe start to winter, everybody!