BLOG: Winter Weather Tips and Tricks

Over the next couple of days, Grand Forks and many of its surrounding communities are in a winter storm warning, preparing to be dumped on by anywhere from three inches to a foot of snow.

As I sit here and hope that maybe, just maybe, we will get a day off of school, I begin to think about my experiences with winter weather and how someone new to the area may not be quite as prepared as I typically am.

My first tip to those who are new to North Dakota is that if you have a car and drive it often, make sure you have a winter survival kit. In my car, I keep a sleeping bag, extra gloves and hats, a snow/ice scraper, a flashlight and a shovel. Now this might sound extreme, but if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road or in the bottom of a ditch (like I have before), it will come in handy and possibly save your life. I know some of my friends also pack snacks if they get hungry while they are stranded.

My next tip may seem obvious but in North Dakota, one cannot be concerned too much about fashion during the cold months and especially not during a blizzard. Riding boots, leggings, and sweaters with holes in them will make you look cute, but definitely not hot (get it?!). I recommend buying a heavy-duty coat for when times get cold. I personally have a snowmobiling jacket that I use for its original purpose but also just for walking around when it is bitterly cold, because I have found it is the only type of jacket that can truly keep me warm in below zero weather.

Next, you must become an expert at the shuffle. The shuffle is used when the sidewalks are icy (which is usually the case). You may resemble a penguin, elderly person (no offense), or an ice skater. However, this could keep you vertical. If someone is walking and they fail at the shuffle and fall, try not to laugh because karma might catch up to you, as it has to me.

Overall, North Dakota can be a frigid, cold tundra but if you follow my tricks and tips you will have mastered the weather in no time!

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