BLOG: The long weekend

I had a great four days at home for Veteran’s Day weekend.

I was able to spend a lot of time with Jesse and give him his birthday present early. I bought him the new Call Of Duty game, “Ghosts” and he already beat the campaign; not a shocker since he’s so into video games. He loved the game though, which made me happy. I also got to play it after him.

We then went and saw the movie “Ender’s Game,” which was a great movie! I would recommend it to everyone, and after that we headed for my house.

Jesse made burgers and that’s what we had for dinner. It was delicious and then we spent some quality time together watching movies and playing games. He even helped me do laundry, which was a surprise. Haha, just kidding.

Box 360 to my parents’ house. I met up with him on his lunch break and then after work, he came back to my house. First we went to his and spent some time with his parents before returning to my house to watch some more movies and play more games.

Sunday was my day with my parents and then Jesse after he finished work.

The last day, Monday, I went shopping with my mom and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing “Ghosts” with Jesse. On my way back to Grand Forks, I was able to stop in and see my grandma. She was very happy! The only downside to my weekend was I returned to Grand Forks feeling sick, and I missed some class because of it.

As I write this, I am still trying to recuperate but thankfully I have no class on Friday, so I can hopefully rest some more and feel better. Well that’s all for now, talk to you all next week!!!

Picture from the weekend taken with my webcam.