BLOG: Break time

Finally, my long weekend is here and I actually was able to get all of the days off that I asked for.

That made me extremely happy since I’ll be able to spend more time at home and not have to rush back right away.

Going to the UND men’s hockey game last Saturday with my aunt and uncle was a blast even though we lost. I had a great time and it was really nice to see family again after not seeing them for a while.

This weekend has quite a few plans in store. I have talked Jesse into making me another homemade dinner, so I’m pretty excited about that. Also, his birthday present came and I will be giving it to him early. He already knew what it was because I had to tell him. If I hadn’t told him, he would have bought it himself.

The Wild are playing well and making Minnesota proud, they may have finally figured out how to click and get some wins on the board.

I’ll have to pack everything up in my car tonight so I’ll be ready to hit the road as soon as I can Friday and try to avoid the rain/snow mix that is expected. I’m not too worried but the less I have to deal with, the better and safer drive I will have.

I have been working on a 500-piece puzzle for the past couple of days and I have to say, I really missed doing puzzles. I used to do them all the time as a kid, and now I have three more awaiting me after I finish the one I am currently on.

I also finally have an idea for my next story for my Comm class; I just need to narrow it a little and figure out if it’s the one I really want to do.

Well I think it’s time to wrap this one up for the week and start making my packing list so I don’t forget anything for the long weekend. I shall write again next week!

Jesse’s birthday gift: The new “Call of Duty” game: Ghosts