BLOG: Sometimes, it’s Better to be Late…

Never has the phrase, “better late than never,” applied to my life as much as it seems to this year.

I am well into my final year of college, and I am just now starting to feel like I have found the people and the activities that I click with. I also started writing for the Dakota Student this August, and I love it! It’s difficult knowing that I could have applied a few years ago (maybe I wouldn’t have even gotten the job then, but who knows) and been working and learning these past years, but I’m trying to let that go.

Instead, I have embraced the well-used phrase, “better late than never,” because it’s so true that having one year of experience with the DS, and meeting really great friends and joining fun groups (Adelphi Literary Society, to name one) with only a year left of school is SO much better than missing out on all of those opportunities altogether.

I also started volunteering once a week as an ELL tutor at Red River High School with a young student from Nepal, and it has been so rewarding. Again, I wish that I would have known about the opportunity a few years ago, but being able to experience it at all is something to be grateful for. I’ve never really believed in the idea of fate, but maybe missing these opportunities during my first years here has made me appreciate them that much more now that I have them, and hopefully this will make me hesitate less when new possibilities present themselves in the future.

On an entirely different note, I may not be alive for next week’s blog entry due to the massive amounts of sugar I recently consumed while baking for Adelphi’s bake sale fundraiser, so if you’ve been tuning in, I appreciate it. Hopefully I survive this confection-hangover and will make it to another Thursday. Until then, keep up the good work people. We are over halfway through the semester!!!

Also, Happy Halloween! Be safe


This is kind of a side note but… Upon viewing this photo of myself from high school years, I immediately assumed that it was taken on Halloween day. Then my dad told me it was taken in January. That’s just how ridiculous we look living in the arctic…