BLOG: Halloween week

Man, this week has been crazy.

Last week was a blast with Jesse here and then us going to Valleyscare; it was absolutely awesome. It was a good thing I had his hand and arm to grab when I jumped at the scary times. We went on Renegade, which is an awesome roller coaster.

Dressing up for work was fun and then trick-or-treating with my friend and her little brother was awesome as well. My roommate did some awesome “fake” black eye make-up for me so I wasn’t scary but still looked cool. After we finished trick-or-treating, we also grabbed some hot chocolate which tasted so good after a long night.

Jesse did so much for me when he was here that the first couple of days back without him here were pretty hard to adjust to. I will be seeing him again soon though, so I don’t have to worry, haha. My aunt and uncle are coming up this week to take me to the men’s UND hockey game, which will be a blast as well. I’m really looking forward to it since it will probably be the only men’s game I get to attend all season.

I’ve been watching “Pacific Rim” like every night that I have been off of work because Jesse left it for me to watch. It is just an awesome movie that everyone should watch, even with some of the violence, it is still a really good movie.

I also would recommend the Green Mill for food in Grand Forks, if anyone wants a new place to try out with their friends or significant other. There are many great restaurants in Grand Forks and that was one Jesse and I tried for the first time. We loved the food. Well, that’ll wrap up this Halloween for me, other than watching some movies and Skyping, haha. Have a good week, everyone!

At the bottom is my picture from Halloween 🙂