BLOG: Success

Success is measured in many different ways and degrees of achievement.

For majority of us, it is defined by an end stance or an obtained position. When in reality, we should view reaching benchmarks, the growth as individuals, and the self-satisfaction we feel from small tasks as success. I have recently been trying to apply this form of measurement of success as much as I can to my life because it is far more rewarding.

I do not understand how someone else can label a person “successful.” It is a self-obtaining label. They have not seen life through a different set of eyes, they have not experienced the personal development and improvement that this person has undergone, so how can you deem them successful? Small successes, such as being better today than you were yesterday, by understanding a concept, being more open-minded to situations or people, are so undervalued.

Those are the things that personal success should be based on. These qualities, experiences, values, are how we are defined. They are how we are developed, and that is what makes up success. Sure, making money is great but that is not necessarily “success”.

Recently, I have experienced a large success in making myself better. I have challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone, and in return, it has expanded. I am pushing myself to be successful for my own sake, and not just so others will think of me as so.

I want to teach myself not to stop setting goals for myself once I reach of a point where others will view me as successful; I want to stop once I feel that I truly am who I want to be. I view this revelation of thought as a success in itself. It is due to the fact that I am growing and reaching benchmarks to ultimately become the person I strive to be. I value all the failures that accompany these small successes because without the struggle and voyage up the hill, the view from the top will be less meaningful.