BLOG: Journalism woes

The Dakota Student receives a lot of criticism from some of our readers.

I understand we do make mistakes that often shouldn’t be missed, like spelling errors or incorrect facts. However, there is something we are doing that others aren’t doing. We are putting our work out there on the line, out there in published places.

Someone told me that putting my writing out there is like taking a test and having the results of my test and my grade shown to the entire class. Our articles are like a test. Unlike other tests though, we put ours out into the public for everyone to see, everyone to criticize, everyone to judge. It is hard to put our private work like that, like our test scores, on the line.

I know I am not perfect, and being a journalist is hard, but it is something I have always wanted to try. This is exactly why I am trying it. I am trying it out here during college, just like all the other staff members here.

I know that I will try my absolute hardest at being the best writer I can be for the paper. Just like the rest of college, I see this as a learning opportunity, a time to make mistakes and work out the kinks before I get thrown out into the real world.

It’s the same with the editors. They are getting practice for their future jobs. So, cut them some slack, cut us all a bit of slack. We are trying our best with what we have, to make a paper work reading. Instead of criticizing us, try helping us out. Write an opinion piece. Let us know what you want us to report on. Be willing to be interviewed. Do something, because we are.