BLOG: Jesse’s visit

Man, it’s been a busy week!

My long-distance boyfriend, Jesse has been here dealing with my crazy class schedule and trying to find time to hang out in between.

We went to Applebee’s on Monday night after I finished work, then we had McDonald’s on Tuesday night. Wednesday, he made me steak with his own idea of seasonings and mashed potatoes. The food was delicious but he doesn’t have very much self-confidence in his cooking.

Jesse, if you are reading this, it was absolutely delicious. Then Thursday we went to the Green Mill which was also wonderful and after that we stopped by Perkins for slices of our favorite pie. I have been very spoiled this week and I must say I am very happy food-wise 🙂

Jesse has gotten up early to drive me to class and he has picked me up as well. He has treated me like a queen all week and I must say, I have been enjoying it as much as possible. Friday will be Panera Bread day possibly and then we will be heading home for a trip to Valleyfair’s “Valleyscare” for an early Halloween treat. I am pretty excited for that as well.

We played Gamecube for a little while and also Xbox, but only one of us could play at a time because one of his controllers is broken. I had my first ever Grand Theft Auto experience on my own profile, which I must say was very fun but also very angering because I am not skilled in the video game area unless it’s hockey-themed. Even then, I’m sketchy at best.

Jesse came and visited me on my break at work and helped me get through a couple rough nights of studying for tests and homework assignments. He also came to listen to me play clarinet, which really made me smile. All in all, it was a pretty great week and I wish he could stay longer but we had fun while it lasted. We will definitely have some more fun before the weekend is done.

A pic of Jesse and I from the week