Wild and family time

Hey everyone, it’s been an intense week this week with all the homework I’ve had to do, plus working.

The Wild have been having a good start even though they have been losing. I am so happy hockey has started but it really makes me want to lace up and hit the ice myself. However, being the somewhat poor college student I am, I don’t have the money or the time to hit the ice even for open skating.

In a few weeks, the women’s hockey league in Grand Forks will be starting and hopefully I’ll be playing once a week, which I am greatly looking forward to. Hockey is kind of my escape from the world when I can’t be around Jesse, haha.

I can’t wait for the last weekend of October because Jesse, my friend Danielle, her sister, and I will all be heading down to Valleyscare!!! I can’t wait, I love and hate getting scared but I can’t wait to hit the rides 🙂

The party I recently went to for my cousin and my grandma went great! They both loved the presents I got them and I finally got my hug from my cousin Riley for going to his football game.

I’m still trying to convince him to come to UND next year. He said he’s pretty open about it, so hopefully I’ll have some family connection up here next year! It was nice to see all my family again and have cake and ice cream in the process.

Anyway, we just got down with our Dakota Student open house and it was a pretty fun experience and I got a water bottle! Well I have a lot more homework to finish so I believe I will wrap this up and say keep reading! Also because I’m a diehard fan, GO WILD!!!