Kitten adventures

I am not a cat person.

So when I came to college and my roommate had a kitten, you could say I was a little nervous. I have never had a cat before, and I figured we would just create a mutual dislike agreement right off the bat and avoid each other. But I admit it….. I have grown to love her, and I would like to think she loves me too.

Her name is Willow. She is six months old, has grey and black stripes, and sports a tan collar with a sparkly bow. But don’t be fooled by the cuteness, people, she is seven pounds of fury and mischief.

Here is a list of all the adorable but terribly naughty things she does:

  • PONY TAIL HOARDER: She loves them. With three girls living in an apartment, pony tails and bobby pins and laying on every shelf. Willow finds the need to knock them all down to play with them, and we are left scrounging around when we need to put our hair up. Until one day, I couldn’t find a single one around the apartment. That was before I hit the jackpot. I lifted up our kitchen rug and found TWENTY-SIX ponytail elastics and THIRTEEN bobby pins she had stored there. Little stinker.

  • SCRATCHER: Her claws are going soon.

  • TOILET PAPER DESTROYER: It is some sort of obsession. I just don’t get it.

  • GLASS KNOCKER: Trying to drink a glass of water? Good luck. Set a cup anywhere and she will have it knocked over in seconds.

  • ESCAPE ARTIST: Somehow for the last two days in a row, the little bugger has snuck out the door when we open it, without us noticing. The first day, I was lucky enough to randomly find her chilling outside near the main apartment doors. The second day caused a bit more panic. We searched for a good two hours before spotting a piece of notebook paper on the apartment wall that had “Anyone missing a cat” scribbled in pencil with a number. She had been roaming the apartment halls and someone from the third floor found her, thank goodness.

Yet, I look her adorable little face and I can’t even get mad. Dang you Willow