Homecoming through history


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-1916: UND hosts its first Homecoming.

-1921: UND holds its first Homecoming Parade.

-1933: UND elects Helen Fodness as its first Homecoming Queen.

-1943-1944: UND cancels Homecoming celebrations because of World War II.

-1969: Students protest the Homecoming Queen contest, attempting through a write-in campaign to nominate “Frank the Chicken” and “Marvin the Dog.”

-1973: Two male candidates joined the race for Homecoming Queen.

-1974: Homecoming is almost cancelled because of low interest.

-1981: UND elects its first Homecoming King.

-1985: UND holds its first ice cream social with Homecoming King and Queen candidates.

-2003: Minor-in-consumptions are handed out to 18 UND students at a Homecoming party.

-2008: UND celebrates its 125th birthday.