I don’t know if it is intentional or just habit that all of my teachers tend to schedule exams for the same week.

Whatever it is, it never works out in my favor! This past week, I have had three exams, all worth 10% or more of my grade. Talk about stressful.

This also tends to be the setup with papers. I wonder if the professors plot to have all their ridiculously long papers due on the same day?

Anyway, my week has been spent studying and downing more coffee and Diet Coke than my body knows how to handle. My stress drink of the week has been chai tea. Sometimes I even go crazy and add a shot to it, of espresso I mean, but honestly something stronger would suffice as well.

I will admit, I am the world’s worst studier. I never had to study in high school and during most of my first few semesters, but now I feel I should. It’s just too bad my lazy habits have carried over. I start studying and then become distracted within a few minutes by someone’s conversation in the library or nervously biting my nails.

Maybe someday I will pick up better habits, but as for now, I will continue to allot myself extended amounts of time to do a little bit of studying.