Hulu’s Short Series “Looking For Alaska”

Sadie Blace, Reporter

Throughout the long President’s Day Weekend, I wanted to find a show to break up my long stretches of completing homework. I was searching through Hulu when I stumbled upon the show titled, “Looking for Alaska,” a short series based on the novel by John Green. “Looking for Alaska” is a quick series, only consisting of 8 episodes. I decided to try it, and was immediately hooked, finding it was a short but emotionally impactful series. If you are looking for an inspiring, heartfelt, and short series, “Looking for Alaska” is the perfect option.  

The show was about a young teenager by the name of Miles Halter. His specialty, and quite frankly his only interest, was the ability to remember people’s “famous last words.” The show opened with him quoting author’s famous last words that they uttered upon facing death. Miles reveals that one of the most inspiring famous last words were those of author Francois Rabelais; “I go to seek a great perhaps.” More of the plot is revealed when Miles explains his pursuit to find his own “great perhaps.” He desired to bring excitement into his life, and because of this, he picks up his whole life and moves to Culver Creek. Culver Creek is a school embedded in the woods, states away from Miles’ hometown. By moving away from his completely sheltered life at home, Miles finds himself pushed to uncomfortable limits as he makes friends that are extremely different from him.  

The most important of these friends, however, is a free-spirited girl by the name of Alaska Young. She compels Miles to step way outside of his comfort zone in his pursuit of his “great perhaps.” By seeking his “great perhaps,” he is pushed to grow and develop as a teenager, into a young man. As the show unfolds, it is revealed that Miles is in love with Alaska. Everything is going great until disaster strikes, and Miles’s world is flipped upside down again. Through the story of growing up, love, and tragedy, “Looking for Alaska” encapsulates the larger message of finding your life’s full potential. Though the show is very short, the message is delivered almost flawlessly, through well written narration and even better casting. The show allows the viewers to reflect on how they are living life, creating room for questions as the show progresses. All the best shows push the “norms,” causing the viewers to think about topics that they would not otherwise acknowledge. This was executed perfectly in “Looking for Alaska.” 

The show is perfect for those who want a quick watch, because I finished it in less than 12 hours. Each episode is crafted to fit perfectly with one another, creating the perfect heartfelt show that many can enjoy. The show also holds a deeper meaning than just a few teenage kids at a school in the woods. Instead, it is finding your life’s true purpose and meaning, through all the tragedy and major events that may come with it. This is a great message condensed into a small package and is a must watch if you are looking for a show to enjoy.  


Sadie Blace is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].