Lasagna Soup Recipe

Dylan Enerson, Reporter

This recipe was inspired by a video I saw online. I made a few adjustments to it because I was short on ingredients, so it ended up being a little different. It is a great way to use up leftover lasagna noodles if you do not have enough to make a whole lasagna. It is also vegetarian, but you can add in ground beef or another meat of your choosing. 


2 cans chopped/diced tomatoes 

2 tablespoons olive oil 

½ can tomato paste 

6 lasagna noodles 

Approx. 6 tablespoons olive oil 

3.5 cups vegetable broth 

¼ chopped onion 

¼ chopped pepper 

1 tablespoon garlic 

2 tablespoons sour cream 

Chef’s choice of spices and cheese 

Start by adding the olive oil to a large pot with the chopped onion. Cook these for about 1-2 minutes, and then add the pepper and garlic and cook until the onion is fragrant. After, add the tomato paste and canned tomatoes and stir until combined while adding your choice of spices. Once combined, add the vegetable broth and lasagna noodles and simmer until noodles are cooked over medium heat, usually around 10 minutes. Once fully cooked, stir in sour cream and cheese to combine and serve. 

This recipe is one of my favorites I have prepared recently. I added spices such as oregano, basil, pepper, and salt, but I also added some of the hotter spices as I enjoy a kick in the recipes I make. My personal favorites are chili powder, cayenne pepper, and red pepper flakes. 

This recipe made roughly enough for four total meals with a side vegetable and is even more filling if you add ground meat. For my meal, I added leftover ground beef when I served the dish by reheating it in the microwave, but if you brown the meat in a skillet beforehand, you can add the meat into the dish before serving. I found this recipe was especially delicious when I dipped some cheese bread into it as the broth made from the soup soaked perfectly into the bread and the spices played on the five-cheese blend from the bread.  

Overall, I would recommend this recipe for anyone to make during the winter. Soups are great to warm you up during a cold day and you can bring it with you to work to heat up in the microwave very easily. 


Dylan Enerson is a Dakota Student General Reporter. He can be reached at [email protected].