Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Sadie Blace, Reporter

With Valentine’s Day recently behind us, and whether or not you had someone to celebrate with, it was a holiday full of love. With last Valentine’s Day in mind, we are now looking forward to next year’s Valentine’s Day, thinking of what we can do for the next holiday. While the traditional Valentine’s Day celebrations exist, such as going out to dinner or on a fancy date, there are an abundance of other activities that you can participate in with by yourself, with friends, and with a significant other on Valentine’s Day.  

One of my personal favorites includes making Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookie cutouts. The supplies are inexpensive, and it takes a couple of hours to complete start to finish. If you are looking for a fun idea to do with friends, by yourself, or with a significant other, this is an activity that I recommend. You can get supplies for only a few dollars at the grocery store. You can color frosting to match cute Valentine’s Day colors and use Valentine’s Day theme cutouts to fit the holiday vibe. You can turn on a movie while you bake or turn on music and have kitchen dance parties. After you are done, you can then share the cookies with loved ones or enjoy them all by yourself. The truth is, no one will judge you either way, and it is simultaneously cost friendly and delicious. 

Another fun Valentine’s Day activity is going to get Valentine’s Day themed coffee. Many coffee shops, whether they be small or large, offer a variety of Valentine’s Day drinks, both with and without caffeine. For example, Archives on University Avenue offers a specialty mocha by the name of “Achey Breaky Heart,” that includes strawberry flavoring, chocolate, and the milk of your choice, served hot or iced. Getting a Valentine’s Day themed coffee is inexpensive and is also an activity that you can do solo, with a friend, or significant other. Larger chains such as Starbucks have hidden menu items that shine through on Valentine’s Day. Smaller, more local shops also offer a variety of Valentine’s Day drinks throughout February. Taking advantage of the many coffee shops in town on Valentine’s Day is an excellent way to kickstart your holiday, while also supporting local businesses.  

Another activity that you can do is a self-care night. You can get your nails done, go to a movie, or have a spa night at home. You can make your self-care night as inexpensive or expensive as you would like, and you can also perform this activity with whomever you choose. Curling up with a book, working out, or even just taking a night for you is a form of self-love that can be practiced on Valentine’s Day. Going to see a movie, going to dinner, or doing fun arts and crafts projects with friends is another wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day. One of my favorite DIY projects is getting wooden frames from a craft store and painting them. You can get wooden frames and paint from the dollar store for only a few dollars. You can insert a picture of your choice in the frame. This craft allows you to celebrate your love for your friends or others by creating a piece of art that you can have forever.  

Additional Valentine’s Day activities include taking a workout class or art class. Here in town, Lotus Yoga offers drop-in classes for little cost to students. Also, the Wellness Center on campus offers group exercise classes free to UND Students. Some of the group exercises include yoga, cardio dance, cycling, and Tabata, to name a few. These group exercise classes are a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day by bettering yourself with someone that you love. You can also take these classes by yourself to practice self-care and experience alone time while improving yourself, which sounds enjoyable if you ask me. You can sign up for group exercise classes on the UND Wellness App or online through the Wellness Center website.  

There is an abundance of activities that you can participate in on Valentine’s Day. In addition to activities that you can do on Valentine’s Day, you may also want to get a little present for your friends or significant other. Some cute gift ideas include traditional Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolate, but other ideas include blankets, warm outdoor clothes like hats, mittens, and scarves, and other homemade presents. Some homemade presents could include paintings, little trinket holders, or DIY sweatshirts or T-shirts. Homemade presents make for some of the sweetest gifts that can be treasured and valued for years. They are also great ideas for college students, as we all know money can be tight during this time. Other ideas for gifts include concert or sports game tickets. As previously mentioned, gifts do not always have to be material items. Gifts can also be given in the form of experiences or quality time.  

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate, regardless of your circumstances. Celebrating solo, with friends, or a significant other can be done in many ways. Valentine’s Day is a widely loved holiday that brings joy to February. Bringing love and warmth to our lives during these chilly winter months is much needed. With the ideas listed, you could make your day special, regardless of who it is with. While I listed multiple viable options, these are just a few suggestions of what to do next year for Valentine’s Day. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you can take some ideas and pocket them to celebrate with a multitude of love and happiness on Valentine’s Day next year.  


Sadie Blace is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].