Archives February Drink Menu

Sadie Blace, Reporter

Amidst the month of February, we are faced with the wintry weather and winter blues. Archives Coffee House has a list of drinks for February guaranteed to add joy and love to your month. With names curated perfectly to fit the Valentine’s Day season, you are guaranteed to find a drink that fits exactly what you are looking for. Each month, Archives staff produce names to fit the theme for the month, usually based on holidays. Usually, each month’s specialty menu contains drinks with lots, little, and no caffeine. This is a terrific way to include everyone’s tastes. These drinks are always a success at Archives Coffee House, and they give the staff the chance to display their creativity and love for coffee. 

This month, there is an abundance of drinks at Archives that fit the Valentine’s Day vibe. My personal favorite being the “Achy Breaky Heart.” The drink is a mocha, with strawberry flavoring and your choice of milk, served hot or iced. It tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry and is easily the best drink on the February menu. Another one of Archives hit February drinks include “The Apology,” a latte with rose flavored syrup, possessing a light, sweet, floral taste that is appreciated by many. The rose flavored syrup is a new flavor at Archives Coffee House and has already proven to be a considerable success.  

For the non-coffee lovers, there is a chai drink by the name of “Crazy Ex.” With salted caramel flavoring and white chocolate syrup, this drink is guaranteed to make you feel warm and cozy. It can be served hot or iced and is best paired with a bakery item. Another popular drink on the February menu includes “Honey We’re Over.” This shaken espresso drink includes honey and brown sugar, shaken and poured over ice. Like Starbuck’s shaken espresso, the “Honey We’re Over” possesses warm, sweet tones from the brown sugar. It is most often served with half and half but can be served with the milk of your choice. For those who like tea, the “Lover’s Leap of Faith” is for you. This tea contains notes of chamomile, rose, and citrus to make the perfect combination for a cozy drink. The “Lover’s Leap of Faith” also contains a hint of raspberry syrup in the tea that brings the flavors all together in one lovely combination.  

The last (but certainly not the least) February drink is the “It’s Not Me It’s You.” This drink consists of Italian soda with notes of cherry and vanilla. While Archives always has Italian sodas with the flavor of your choice available, the “It’s Not Me It’s You” is a combination that is a favorite of many. This drink is another one on the menu that people absolutely love. The February drinks provide a nice variety so that everyone can find something that they want to enjoy.  

Archives February drinks are the perfect way to beat the winter blues and celebrate love in the month of February. As we are approaching the end of the month, make sure to stop in to try a February drink off the menu. You can bring a friend, a significant other, family, or just go solo to enjoy a nice, crafted coffee drink while visiting or sitting over by the fireplace. Regardless of what you decide to do, enjoy the rest of the month, and your Archives February drink! 


Sadie Blace is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].