13 things I learned in college

I learned more in my first year of college than I did from all 12 years of grade school combined. Some academic, some not, but all great things to know.

1. It is okay to miss home. Leaving the place you have called your own for so long and the faces you have seen a million times is hard. It is OKAY to miss it. But don’t let missing home stop you from falling in love with your new “home”.

2. If duct tape, twine, Band-Aids, or stale pizza can’t fix it, then you have a serious problem.

3. Sleep is far more important than showering

4. “But I’m a poor, starving student!” will become your argument for everything. And it works.

5. Command Strips DO NOT come off easily. Biggest lie ever. Okay…. it might have been operator error. But nonetheless I spent a good two hours chipping those off my walls.

6. Tacos can be eaten at any hour of the day and can fix any problem.

7. You will perfect the routine of getting up five minutes before class, getting ready, and still being a minute early.

8. You will meet the people you will want to be in your wedding. And maybe if you are lucky, your spouse.

9. It is completely possible to run off of 3 hours of sleep every night.

10. You crave Ramen at really odd hours: It is true. I swear.

11. USE Tutors. They help. Get one before you even start to struggle, they are miracle workers and grade savers.

12. You will make mistakes. Big ones. But remember, you are only human. It happens. The important thing is that you learn from them.

13. You will NEVER forget your freshman year at all. I promise you that.