UND Organization Spotlight: Triathlon Club 


Gabrielle Bossart, Reporter

The University of North Dakota has over 250 student organizations with a variety of missions and goals. Student organizations can be created by any student and are typically based around things such as specific programs of study, hobbies, or interests. Some clubs have big goals and are very active in the community, such as Engineers Without Borders. Other clubs are more focused around hobbies and are centered around getting people together for a fun time, such as the Games Club. The UND Triathlon Club is a student organization on campus that is focused on getting students together to not only have a fun time, but also to encourage a healthy way of life. The Triathlon club was founded in 2017 and is currently led by co-presidents Madeline Patterson and Adam Roy, both currently juniors. The stated purpose of the group is to “help students stay physically fit while also meeting other students who enjoy similar interests.” The Triathlon Club thus appeals to students who are looking to stay active, socialize with their peers, and live a healthy lifestyle.

As the name suggests, the Triathlon Club focuses on training students for triathlons and encouraging them to participate in local races. Triathlons are endurance races that involve three sports: swimming, biking, and running. Typically, triathlons take place in that order, with participants starting with swimming in either an indoor pool or an outdoor body of water, getting on a bike and cycling for a certain distance, and finishing with a run. To encourage exercise and training, each semester the club meets several times a week for practice. They hold practices for all three sports on a variety of days in order to accommodate as many students’ schedules as possible. This semester, for cycling, the club meets on Monday evenings in the UND Wellness Center cycling studio. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, the club holds practices at the UND Hyslop Center swimming pool for evening swims. Running practice takes place early on Wednesday mornings to appeal to students who enjoy exercising in the morning and also to accommodate early class times and busy schedules. Longer runs also occur on Saturdays in the later part of the morning. Members are not required to attend every practice to remain in the group, although, they are encouraged to attend what they can. The club also hosts various social gatherings throughout the year, such as holiday parties, where members can get to know each other and spend time together outside of practice.

In addition to practices and social events, the club also participates in about two local triathlons a semester. These triathlons are typically put on by local businesses, such as the YMCA. In the spring, the club additionally hosts a triathlon that is exclusively for UND Triathlon Club members. Currently, the club is sponsored by two companies, Daydreams Specialties, a local print and design store, and Roka, which specializes in eyewear and apparel for athletes. These sponsors support the mission and goals of the Triathlon club and offer special discounts to club members as part of their sponsorship. Sponsor logos are also included on any apparel put forth by the club. Each semester, members can purchase clothing items branded with the UND Triathlon Club logo in order to promote the club and show their pride in being a member. If you enjoy running, swimming, or biking, the UND Triathlon Club is a great way to participate in these sports, stay in shape, and meet new people.

Gabrielle Bossart is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].