Real world decisions

Well, the semester weeks are officially starting to blur together and before I know it, I’ll be a college graduate! It’s funny…We all can’t wait until finals are over in May, until we get to senior year when it means entering the “real world.” At least that’s been my personal experience.

I would ask for more feedback instead of just writing about myself, but it seems that blogs, by nature are less interactive and more about storytelling/informing

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about applying to grad school for English, but it’s too early for that! Early as in I need real-world experience before I can decide to further my education. Some majors put you on a set track and you pretty much know where you will end up from the get-go; however, English is not that way. At least, not for those of us that aren’t doing English Education. There is only so much we can learn from textbooks, and then it’s time to learn by doing. Job experience is scary, but every year for hundreds of years, people have been doing it and surviving, so odds are that we can too.

Stay healthy (a weird flu bug is going around), and motivated; Thanksgiving is only… well, just stay motivated! 🙂