The things I love

Man, what a hectic year junior year is becoming. I am excited to get to head home this weekend and see Jesse and my family 🙂

Jesse helps keep me sane and I really need to see him again, haha. Between work and school, I can’t keep my head straight but he helps me through.

I recently started watching “Undercover Boss” on Netflix and man, what an awesome show that is. I am addicted to it.

My Minnesota Wild are back and I’m super excited 🙂 I’ve waited all summer for hockey to be back and now it finally is. The last game of the playoffs to the first game of the regular season is an agonizing wait. Now that the Wild are back playing, it really makes me want to lace up my skates and play some hockey.

I rarely play anymore and I miss it like crazy. There are days that I just wish I could lace em up and play immediately. The feeling of the ice under my skates and the air that blows in my face just can’t be replaced unless I skate. I even got Jesse to skate once and he actually did alright for a beginner. I was the one who fell because I lost my edge on a rut in the ice. We were outside because Jesse promised me we would go skating outside on my birthday, December 28, and we did 🙂 I was surprised because he wasn’t too eager to skate but he wanted to do it for me. He actually really liked it and that made me happy to share my passion with someone I love and see him enjoy it too.

I can’t wait for my band concert later in October because Jesse is coming up to see it and stay for a few days. He’s never seen me play in band before and I’m super excited! It gives me a little more motivation to practice, haha. Well, that should about do it for me. I’m super tired from work. Have a great week, everybody!