Spring 2021 Play – Songs for a New World

Elise Unterseher, Arts and Community Editor

This Spring, the University of North Dakota’s Theatre department is performing Jason Robert Brown’s Off-Broadway play called Songs for a New World. This abstract production lies between a musical and song cycle. A song cycle is a group or cycle of individually complete songs designed to be performed in a sequence as a unit. Jason Robert Brown, who is also a songwriter pieced together sixteen songs that he had previously created as a contemporary song cycle. These contemporary pieces are centered around the theme of “the moment of decision”. A point where the old transitions to the new.  

Each of these featured songs is powerful stand-alone experiences that will take the audience on a physical and emotional journey through the defining moments in life where everything changes. The music in this play is influenced by a broad range of musical genres such as pop, gospel, and jazz. This play comes at a time when the current state of our world feels vaguely familiar but also seemingly new. It’s about coming to a crossroads and surviving a new set of circumstances.  

Under the creative direction of both Chelsea Chimilar and Brent C. Mauldin, they highlight the talents of a small cast and orchestra of UND students. This group faces the profound moments of decision in Jason Robert Brown’s compelling score.  

On April 15-17 and April 22-24, these productions will be recorded for safe and convenient online viewing. Tickets will be $18 for an individual ticket and $25 for a group ticket. Group tickets allow the show to be viewed by members of your group or household. Tickets can be purchased through the UND Theatre’s online box office at burtness.und.edu. For questions please call (701)-777-2587. 

Elise Unterseher is a Dakota Student Arts and Community Editor. She can be reached at [email protected]