I started a photography mission a few weeks ago. I know most people would call this a “challenge,” but the definition for challenge implies a contest or competition, and I’m not in a competition with myself.  I mean, I guess I am because my goal comes with its own set of pros and cons. The goal sounds simple, shoot 50 days in a row using only a 50mm lens.

I did have to give myself a little bit of a grace period every so often because I had photo assignments for commissioned work, as well as for the Dakota Student, so during those times, I could use the lens most appropriate for the subject matter.  Other than that, my 50mm lens stays on my camera.

It started out easily enough; I had gone seven days without any problems. Then I missed a day but I made up for it the following day by going out to shoot once in the morning and once in the evening. Then photo assignments started to trickle in and I lost pace with my goals. I have missed the last two days unfortunately, but tomorrow I have nothing to do and I plan on having my camera at my side all day long.

Here are a few photos from this project. If you’d like to see more, they can be found on my business’ Facebook page here:

chester3      chester2