The joy of healthy living

Hey everybody!  Hope you’re having a good week… the weekend is almost here!

I hope people have been outside enjoying the weather this week, because in a month, we will be missing it big time.  I went for a few bike rides, and nasty wind included, they were all worth it.  It is so incredible that we can pedal two wheels connected to aluminum (or carbon, if you’re lucky!) and transport ourselves wherever we want without using gas while at the same time, getting exercise!

This summer, I got back into biking after I had taken a while off (save for the occasional ride to school or Hugo’s for Gummi bears), and my dad kicked my butt!  I am proud to say that both of my parents take very good care of themselves and although I was frustrated during the actual bike rides, breaking my own wind and all, I was reminded of how easy it is to take for granted having parents who support health.

Call me a hippie, but I love the fact that my mom gets up at the crack of dawn to get fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market every Sunday and that our kitchen has an entire pantry dedicated to vitamins. I was made fun of in high school for believing in the power of organic sustenance and my roommates still occasionally tease me today.

Why is it that paying the extra quarter (and okay, sometimes dollar or two) for fresh, wholesome nutrients is something to make fun of?  Every body is different and every body is beautiful, but not every body is healthy.  And when I say every body, I’m not putting a space where it doesn’t belong.  I mean every human body in the world.

I recently watched a really inspiring video on TED about depression and the amount of people that suffer from it is really frustrating and really devastating.  I don’t want to get all health-preachy on you, but the physical AND mental benefits that feeding your body quality food and decreasing the amount of sugar can bring are soo worth giving a shot.  Every body AND everybody deserve to feel healthy and happy.  We owe it to ourselves.  Join me. Let’s be hippies together 🙂