Football and flea market adventures

Well, this week seemed like a breeze compared to everything I had to do last week.

The weekend was a nice break from all of my school stuff. I was able to go to lunch in Fargo with Jaye, who also works for the DS. Then, I headed over to Moorhead to watch some high school football. My cousin Riley plays for St. Cloud Tech and they were there to play against Moorhead High School. Riley’s a senior this year and I had never seen him play football so I thought I should go and watch.

His team ended up winning the game and he played well. I didn’t get to see him after the game but I did send him a text to say “great game,” and I was slightly surprised by a text I received from him the other day saying “thanks for coming” and sorry he “didn’t get to say hi.” It somewhat made my morning, especially since I hardly ever hear from him.

After that, I headed for home and got to see Jesse. The next morning, I went to the local flea market with Jesse, his father, and his 5 year old nephew, Seth. Seth would not let go of my hand for the whole time at the flea market, until Jesse and I left to do some shopping on our own.

Later on, we went back to Jesse’s and Seth knew I had brought some presents for him. We barely got in the door before hearing “where are my presents, what did you bring me?” I looked at both Seth and Jesse and I believe I said “Not even a hi first” but I was laughing as I said it because of course, we had told Seth that since I was coming home, I would have presents for him.

The smile on his face when he got his Pixar “Cars” coloring picture, “Cars” puzzle, two kites and a small monster car was priceless. He even had me put the puzzle together with him. He loves anything to do with Pixar’s “Cars” so I knew he would love that. That night, Jesse took me out to dinner at Old Chicago and we had a blast.

I’m now back in Grand Forks but I can’t wait for the next time I head home, which will hopefully be in a little over a week to celebrate Riley’s 18th birthday and our grandma’s 80th. I’m pretty excited 🙂