Random Acts of Kindness and Good News

Megan Vogt, Opinion Editor

The true love of humanity is coming out in bold colors these days. Here are seven simple acts of kindness that are happening all around the world. Maybe you can let these short stories of hope bring a smile to your face.


  1. According to thehill.com, in New York City, an apartment landlord told his 18 tenants to not worry about April’s rent due to the unforeseen unemployment rate.
  2. People who are online shopping are leaving packages for their delivery drivers to take with them. In these packages are hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, snacks and even sometimes a tip.
  3. Starbucks is giving free coffee to those who are front-line responders. These are the men and women who need the extra boost and the extra simple act of kindness to keep going during this crazy time. 
  4. According to thehill.com, an animal shelter in New York saw a jump in adoption rates of animals. 
  5. Performers are doing live shows on Instagram and Facebook. They are engaging with fans and singing some of their hits, doing covers and even singing new songs that are going to be out soon. 
  6. Movies that were released prior to the shutdown of movie theaters are being played on On Demand for a fee of $20 (that’s still cheaper than some movie theaters). 
  7. People are placing colorful hearts in their windows to spread love to those around them, show their support and thanks to those responders and to show a sign of unity. 


Our lives have changed, but in some ways for the better. Once this is over with, we will be grateful for the moments that we are with our friends. The moments that we get to spend time in the classroom with others, rather than meeting over the computer. 


The simple moments and simple tasks are the ones that will be ingrained in our minds during this time. The simple gestures to others may be the thing that gets them through their days. 


Here are a few simple acts of kindness that you could do for your roommates, family members or others: 


  1. Write a letter or note of encouragement.
  2. Do an extra chore. Do the dishes, clean the bathroom or kitchen. 
  3. Make a baked good.
  4. Give a generous tip to the delivery driver. 
  5. Go through your closet and donate clothes.
  6. Offer to help prepare dinner.
  7. Simply smile at others.


Any of these simple tasks can help put a smile on others faces, not only during this time, but at any point.