Silver Warehouse

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“Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it,” said Stevie Wonder.

Not everyone knows that UND has their own rock stars. Many of you know those men. They are walking near you on the UND campus, they are studying with you in the same university and maybe they even live in the same dorm with some of you. 

We are introducing to you the brand new alternative rock band: Silver Warehouse.

Forming in North Dakota a year ago, the alternative rock band Silver Warehouse has blended their unique backgrounds to create popular music in the otherwise bland state they reside in. With a versatile array of tastes in music, Silver Warehouse hopes to compose a sound that can be enjoyed by all, according to Silver Warehouse official facebook page.

Silver Warehouse include 5 members stemming from Minneapolis, Chicago, Wisconsin and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently, they all are students at UND, and they all are getting different majors. You may recognise their names: Austin Davis (vocals/guitar), Cameron Kasper (drums), Carlos De Held (guitar/vocals), Dylan Heiam (vocals/keyboard) and Samuel DeHaven (bass guitar). 

The drummer, Cameron Kasper, shared how the band got together.

“I was a roommate with our singer Dylan in a freshman year. We both figured out that we like music. Then, Dylan knew Austin who was very musical  as well. So we got together, we were playing around a little bit, and then we thought that we need more instruments. We went on social media and ask around, and found two other freshmen. We got kind of lucky that way. Now we are practicing everyday,” Kasper said.

All members of Silver Warehouse have played music since their childhood, and they really enjoy it. I had a chance to see their live performance last Friday, November 1st at the Archives Coffee House. I was blown away by their music. I will not lie saying that they deserve to perform for the bigger audience. 

“This will be our fourth concert. We’ve done two concerts in Grand Forks, and one in Minneapolis, so this is our third concert in Grand Forks,” Kasper said.

Britta Kratz, marketing coordinator and barista at Archives Coffee house enjoyed hosting Silver Warehouse at their coffee shop that night. 

“One of our baristas lived in the same dorm with members of Silver Warehouse last year, so we knew about them through that. We are usually like jazz because it’s a nice music for a coffee shop, but this band is really good which draws a good crowd like this. I hope that this band will get really good publicity because they are pretty good, they are really sweet. We would like to invite them to our coffee shop again some time,” Kratz said.

Silver Warehouse are always looking for the concert destinations on their own. They do their best asking around to perform on different stages around the Grand Forks area.

“Austin is kind of our manager and he just calls around to different venues. If they say no then no, if they say yes, then we just go for it. Since we are all from different places, it’s hard to coordinate gigs other than in Grand Forks. This is where we are all always together,” Kasper said.

Although, Silver Warehouse is a brand new band, they already recorded more than 10 songs in a professional recording studio, wrote many original songs, and released a few songs on big music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Music.

It takes time to create the music and Silver Warehouse is doing a great job coordinating the music creation process between each other.  

“Currently, we have around 10 to 12 original songs. For the most part Austin and Carlos are the ones who are writing our songs, but we always come together to complete each song,”Kasper said. “Usually, how it works is someone will come up with some melody or an idea, and everyone will jump on that idea and pitch their own part. We all work on certain order of the song, like where we want chorus or verse. Once we have an idea of the song, then we try throw things out there, and try to create lyrics of the song. For the most part it is something personal. Our songs reflect our feelings, it can be happy, sad, or anything else. We have some songs about relationships but we are trying to stay away from that because it is a little bit cliche. We’d like to stay away from the rest of the pack and be more creative, more unique.”

Many bands have their own favorite bands as an inspiration, and Silver Warehouse are not an exception. They are inspired by bands such as Hippo Campus, Cage the Elephant, Arctic Monkeys, and Twenty One Pilots. 

Silver Warehouse is enjoying singing cover songs as well as their own original songs such as “Silver Warehouse,” “Game,” “Frankie,” and many more. They create music filled with energy and emotion that can best be described as an audio rollercoaster. 

Everyone in the coffee house was enjoying the music. Undoubtedly, after this concert the amount of Silver Warehouse fans will increase. I heard many positive comments about this band.

“They are rocking the coffee shop,” said anonymous. “It’s an awesome band. We’d love to listen to their music again,” several people said.

Most bands usually have only one lead singer, but it is not about Silver Warehouse. They have three vocalists who have great voices.

Glory Schettler is a UND student who came to the coffee house to enjoy the band. 

“I am impressed so far by this band,” Schettler said. “Three different singers in one band is a very rare phenomenon. It is unique, catchy, and I like it.” 

Glory’s brother Gabriel Schettler came to support his friend Austin Davis who is a member of Silver Warehouse.

“Austin texted me that they will have a concert here, so I came. It is kind of fun to watch the band when you know someone from that band. I like their music genre. I love that they do a mix of their original songs and covers. They are really talented, and I love the fact that they actually do it. I would definitely add them on my playlist,” Schettler said.

Silver Warehouse are very passionate about music and they enjoy sharing their music with others.

“Music is something we all love. We enjoy sharing our art with others. We want people to have fun and enjoy our songs,” Kasper said.

If you are intrigued by this band, go and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Music.

You can follow them on Facebook @silverwarehouseofficiall or on Instagram @silver_warehouse. 

Archives Coffee House is hosting a variety of musicians almost every other weekend, so if you like to relax, drink delicious coffee, and listen to music, then come and spend a great evening at the Archives Coffee House. Archives Coffee house located on 3012 University Ave, Grand Forks, ND.

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